FAQ - Pure Switzerland Tour Information

We are a small Company, to guide you around is not only our Business – it is our Passion  and our philosophy to Show you the best of Switzerland. As we are a small Team we create, organise and guide out of one hand. Each tour is tailor-made and the schedule and itinerary can be adapted anytime upon your personal desires to present you an unforgettable Swiss Experience. We are owner, Driver, guides and friends and most of all we are local. Sibylle the founder of Pure Switzerland knows everything about her country. She has been lived in the countryside as well as in the city. She combines traditional events with modern activities.

We are dedicated to hospitality and it is our goal to make you an unforgettable Swiss Holiday

Yes, if you can’t decide which tour you would like to book and you have seen many interesting tours on our webpage, we can discuss the schedule a few days prior to the tour date or even at the same day of the tour.

Yes you can. According to the Areas and time, we can Combine elements from one tour with activities from an other. Please feel free to contact us, and tell us, which activities you would like to cover.

To gurantee your booking and the activities, please place your booking request as in advance as possible. But you can contact us also one day before, and if we do not have any other bookings we are very pleased to guide you spontaneously.

Yes, as we alsways include an activity also for our youngest guests, you are most welcome to travel with your kids

Yes we do. If you like to travel by train or you have a swiss pass we are pleased to guide you by train.

Good humor, camera, good shoes and a jacket. The weather can change in the alps very fast, so please bring a wind or rain jacket with you.