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Pick up & Drop off

Interlaken & surroundings


Everybody who is too buzy with his phone, computer, TV

What to bring?

good shoes, jacket, 


Transport, multilingual Swiss Driver/Guide, tickets and entry fees as above mentioned, Swiss Snacks & water,


Lunch, Overnight stay

Disconnet of all your digital devices and reduce stress. Reconnect with yourself, the nature and your soul – be centered in life again – be relaxed – be healthy again – and BE HAPPY!


In todays world, where we get constantly influenced by media, where everything goes fast, where you have to be online 24/7 where social media shape our everyday life, where we check our inboxes hourly, play games and watch movies and work on the smartphones.
It is important to know your self, reconnect with your inner self, disconnect to material and superficial social media world and connect with nature again to get relaxed, healthier and happier. 

Join us for a one or two day tour in the mountains and find your way to yourself again. 



This tour we create together according your personality, your physical condition, your family friends and environment. 


We start from Interlaken. There are 2 tours for totaly digital detox. 

1. Day Tour only:

We drive up to a hidden alp. This area is only known by locals because it is off the beathen path, offers great nature and there is no mobile network (until summer 2019 – who knows what the future will bring).

First we’ll visit a farmer and experience the farmers life. We do not only consume and watch – we help the farmer and get active. After the work done, you’ll enjoy a typical farmer snack “cheese and bread”.

After the farm visit we enjoy a hike in the nature, looking for blueberries, muschrooms, herbs and wild animals. After the hike (from 2 hours – 5 hours) we arrive at our barbeque place. Together we go and look for wood, together we enlight the fire and together we prepare a delicious meal. Yes, you might get dirty – but here in the nature there is no space to win a beauty contest – Feel the nature, the green gras, the branches from trees, smell the herbs and enjoy the fresh air.

We spend the rest of the day enjoying a delicous lunch, relax in the nature. We analysie how much we are dependent of the digital world,  what digital detox means to us and we exchange our ideas and feelings, .

Do you have problems to switch off? If you like we meditate or  do some yoga or you can come into the pleasure of a foot massage.   

If you like dogs – the best friend of the humans, we even take our dog with us on tour. 

The tour is guided by your local personal Swiss guide Sibylle  who are happy to include your wishes in the itinerary to create you a custom tailored, unique, unforgettable Swiss experience.

2. Two – Day Tour

The best way to reconnect yourself with nature  and get off your mobile phone is by hiking into the woods and mountains and enjoy pure Switzerland off the beaten path, far away of wifi, shops and modern world.

Discover a hidden valley Rosenlaui in the Bernese Oberland. Enjoy the beautiful countryside, smell the fresh air, hear the birds singing and marvel at the breathtaking countryside.

We stop at Schwarzwald alp a beautiful place in the middle of nowwhere –  See traditional alpine lifestyle and be amazed the flora and fauna of the mountains and discover the hundred years old sawmill. 

After lunch we’ll go hiking. Nature is the best way to connect to your innerself and disconnect of the modern digital world.where you’ll enjoy lunch before hiking 2.5-4 hours (long way includes a lake stop) up to Grosse Scheidegg Alp. From there you’ll get a spectacular view over Grindelwald and Meiringen, the Swiss Alps and glaciers.

We get to our hotel Rosenlaui at the end of afternoon. This belle-epoque hotel offers a great hospitality and warm atmopshere away from any busy tourist destinations and the best – there is (almost) no wifi connection so you’ll dont get disturbed by your mobile phone. Here we relax, talk about our digital addiction, enjoy the silence of the alps and reconnect with our inner self.

There is an option to meditate or do some yoga.

The next day we’ll explore the glacier gorge. During thousands of years glacier water formed this stunning gorge and made it an unforgettable, unique mountain attraction. We enjoy a walk through the gorge, enjoy the nature and realx. On our way back to Interlaken we stop at the Reichenbachfalls. First Discover the falls and enjoy a ride with the funicular down to the valley and back to “normal” life.



Perfect tour for you?


  • Switch off your mobile phone
  • Nature
  • Barbeque
  • Farm
  • Walking/hiking
  • Off the beaten path

Date & Time

April – October 

Pick up & Drop off

your hotel Interlaken region



What to bring?

good shoes, jacket, for 2 nights – everything you need for an overnight stay


Transport, multilingual Swiss Driver/Guide, tickets and entry fees as above mentioned, Swiss Snacks & water,


Lunch, optional funicular, Accommodation (share your preferences)

Gita, Mumbai, India / April 18

Sibi is the best!!!

I don’t know where to start but Sibi was the most caring and kind person I have known. She took me and my family where ever we wanted to go and stop.